INSO-SOPU sweeps PU elections

Chandigarh, September 4: INSO-SOPU alliance has sweeped PU polls as it won all the four seats in students’ council. Its candidates Amit defeated PUSU for President by 670 votes. Amit secured 3276 votes. ABVP-SOI candidate for the post could get only 336 votes.
PU INSO campus president Deepika Thakur created a history by becoming first Girl to be elected as General Secretary in PUCSC elections in last two decades. In this male dominated arena, earlier girls were being nominated by different students’ organisations to contest for Vice President Posts only. This year, it was the first time when a main stream student’s organisation has elected a girl (Deepika) as its PU campus president. Deepika defeated PUSU candidate Tenzin Negi by 570 votes.
INSO-SOPU candidates Virender Boora & Gaurav were declared elected as Vice President & Joint Secretary defeating their nearest rivals by 682 votes & 517 votes. They got 2880 votes, 2945 votes & 2985 votes respectively.
INSO PU campus president & PUCSC General Secretary Deepika Thakur has thanked all the students of PU for reposing faith in INSO-SOPU alliance. She said that INSO is committed to work for the students’ welfare and implementation of INSO-SOPU manifesto.
Earlier, in Government College, Sector 11, Mandeep Singh of the PUSU-INSO-HPSU alliance was unanimously elected president of students’ council.
INSO Haryana unit president Vikas Rathee, PU INSO leader Sukhdev Kundu, Chandigarh INSO president Sunil Kumar, PU INSO chairman Deepak Hooda, Neeraj Malik have congratulated the INSO-SOPU activists on their record win.
INSO had earlier aligned with SOPU in year 2006, that year also INSO-SOPU had won the three posts out of four, in year 2007, INSO had alliance with PUSU and the INSO-PUSU alliance had won on all the three seats as its Joint Secretary candidate’s nomination was cancelled.


Deepika steals the show in Open House

Chandigarh, September 3: INSO-SOPU panel Secretary Candidate Miss Deepika Thakur stole the show in open house debate today. In her fiery 10 minute speech, she raised the issues of girls’ participation in the students’ politics, the misplaced priorities in absence of planning committee and non-participation of students in national/international conferences. She said that students should decide on what is required in the University students, which made all students applause.
The crowd went into cheers, when Miss Deepika asked them whether they want Rose Garden or 100 computers, whether they want the bridge on students centre or the hostels, whether they want halogen lights in lawns or chemicals in labs. The students replied that they want computers, hostels and chemical in labs.
Miss Deepika referred to yahoo & Google search engines & asked students to search her name & other contestants for the secretary posts. Truth about their contribution will come out and help you in making a decision for the right choice, she added.
In her answers to questions put to her, Miss Deepika Thakur said that planning committee would formulate policies & priorities of the university as per the needs of the University. In another reply to the question on the mode of arranging participation in national & international conferences, she said that a separate student’s corner will be created on the PU website in which all the invitations received by the university would be compulsorily displayed. To another query, Miss Deepika said that PUWF has been planned as a purely non-political platform of the girls and she has never intended to use it politically. Her answers were widely appreciated by the students.
INSO-SOPU panel presidential candidate Mr Amit Bhatia spoke in chaste Punjabi. He took PUSU to task for its violence, inefficiency and incompetency. He also promised to fulfil the INSO-SOPU alliance manifesto. Mr Amit’s speech was also highly appreciated by the students as sloganeering followed throughout his speech.
INSO-SOPU supporters outnumbered the opponents. A head count at the open house, which is the most visible show of strength a day before the elections, pointed towards INSO-SOPU alliance being the clear frontrunner in the race for the four posts.


Deepika is INSO-SOPU Secretary candidate

Chandigarh, September 1: UIAMS student Amit, BMS student Mr Virender, Science scholar Deepika Thakur & UIET student Gaurav are INSO-SOPU panel candidates for President, Vice President, Secretary & Joint Secretary respectively. INSO-SOPU has earlier announced Rajwinder Singh as its presidential candidate, but his nomination was cancelled.
INSO-SOPU panel along with its leaders Barinder Singh Dhillon, Harpreet Multani, Vikas Rathee, Sukhdev Kundu, Sunil Kumar, Deepak Hooda Sudhir Mehra campaigned in different arts, science departments, UIET, BDS, BMS blocks. In evening the panel accompanied by hundreds of students campaigned in Girls Hostels.
While addressing the girls, INSO-SOPU secretary candidate Deepika Thakur called upon them to be vigilant & aware to recognise their true well wisher panel. She said that with the announcement of this grand alliance, all the opponents have lost their sleeps and are desperately trying to spread baseless rumours.
Mr Barinder Dhillon also called upon the students to vote for INSO-SOPU panel in the interest of all round development of the PU.
The panel got mammoth response in all the classes and hostels.


INSO-SOPU forms alliance

Deepika Thakur is INSO-SOPU General Secretary candidate
Chandigarh, August 31: In a major development related to PUCSC elections, INSO & SOPU has decided to forge alliance in PU students council elections.
SOPU candidate would contest for President, while INSO would contest for Vice President, General Secretary & Joint Secretary posts. This was announced by INSO-SOPU leaders Barinder Singh Dhillon, Harpreet Multani, Vikas Rathee, Deepika Thakur, Sunil Kumar, Deepak Hooda, Sukhdev Kundu in a joint INSO-SOPU press conference held at PU students centre on Monday. Senior SOPU leader Ranjeet Singh Raju & INSO leader Sudhir Mehra were also present on the occasion.
Law student Sardar Rajwinder Singh (Aulakh), BMS student Mr Virender Boora, Science scholar Deepika Thakur will be INSO-SOPU panel candidates for President, Vice President & General Secretary respectively. Joint Secretary Candidate, which will be from INSO, will be declared on Tuesday.
INSO-SOPU leaders Mr Dhillon & Deepika Thakur said that the alliance has been formed at the insistence of the students’ community to jointly fight for the students cause. We will jointly serve the students of PU, they said.
INSO-SOPU panel candidates campaigned in different arts, science departments, Boys and Girls Hostels. SOPU leader Barinder Singh Dhillon, Harpreet Multani, INSO leaders Sukhdev Kundu, Vikas Rathee, Deepak Hooda led the students canvassing today.
INSO-SOPU panel got huge response in all the classes and hostels. The alliance supporters were ecstatic over the development. INSO-SOPU candidate for General Secretary post, Ms Deepika Thakur cautioned the students against the propaganda and rumours. She called upon the girls to unitedly vote & support the INSO-SOPU grand alliance.